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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Letter From the Editor

These past 2 weeks have been absolutely crazy for me! I just started my senior year of school, and moved into my new apartment, which I LOVE! Along the way, I have been buying things to decorate my room.

Going into this semester, I knew I was going into a new experience of having an apartment. I lived in a dorm for 2 years, so this was all new for me.

I did not plan on decorating extensively. I knew this place would be temporary for me, so I thought no need to spend loads of money on a temporary space.

After moving in I decided I needed to make my space cozy, comfortable, and my happy place to come home to and love.

I went shopping at Five and Below, and Big Lots to pick up a few things. I knew I did not want anything too much, so I did what I wanted creatively to make the space as I wanted it.

I brought with me my vision boards from home, and a few other items I love. I posted my vision boards on the wall to give my room some color and positive energy. My vision boards actually match my room decor pieces PERFECTLY! I loved the way it came together! 

I found cute storage pieces that give my room color, and serve as my "dresser". I really like the way it came out. I made a DIY Vanity , to do my hair and make- up at each day! It isn't much, but it is just enough to help me get ready for the day and feel ready to take on all I need to do!

I have done all white decor before, the "minimalist" look. I enjoyed it! But, as a creative , right-brain person, I love and NEED color. I need color, movement, texture, line, rhythm, and variety.

I love the energy that the colors bring excitement to the room, and how the passion in my vision boards bring me energy.

My creative cave has come together so beautifully . . . 

My lights create a warm, cozy feeling that I like to have at the end of the day. They help me daydream about my goals , and meditate. They help me calm down after all the hustle and bustle I face as a full time senior taking 18 credits!

Make your space reflect who YOU are! Make your space for you! 

Create your room or home to serve you well. Your space should uplift you, make you comfortable, make you feel happy, make you feel at home, and at peace

The energy your home gives to you can serve you well emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. 

So, get creative and see what you can do to make sure you are making your space the best place for you!

Product Links:

9 Cube Storage Shelf here !

Sequin Storage Cubes here !

HandWoven Rug here !

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Organizations Focused on GIRL POWER!

Hello all!

Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying the "last weekend" of summer! 

I have been exploring online and I was led to many different organizations that are all about GIRL POWER! My heart pounded as I found them, and read about them. I have never heard of them before, and I am so surprised that they exist! 

I am big supporter of Girl Scouts, and it is my goal to serve in an organization like Girl Scouts, that is targeted to girls in high school, college and graduate or professional school. I have expressed this, when people ask me what I want to do. Now, I SEE that it exists out in the world! 

So, if you want to do something be sure to SPEAK IT OUT , believe, be passionate about your inner voice and it will come back to you in a miraculous way!

I am so excited and happy that I found these organizations, or rather, they found me

I am going to list all the organizations below that really support women empowerment, girl power, self-confidence, self-esteem, success, diversity, and uplifting young women! Some of these organizations offer internships, high school programs, college programs, fellowships, volunteer opportunities, conference opportunities, events, jobs, writing positions, and much more for all young women in high school,college, graduate school, law school, and even medical school! 




Photo From www.iamthatgirl.com

Photo From www.iamthatgirl.com

Photo From www.iamthatgirl.com




Photo From www.ignitenational.org

Photo From www.ignitenational.org

Photo From www.ignitenational.org

Photo From www.ignitenational.org


Metiza Magazine


Photo From metiza.com

Photo From metiza.com

Photo From metiza.com


Her Campus


Photo From www.hercampus.com

Photo From www.hercampus.com

Photo From www.hercampus.com




Photo From chicktech.org

Photo From chicktech.org

Photo From chicktech.org

Photo From chicktech.org

Here are more organizations that empower young women, click on the titles below to visit each website! 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

How to Truly Be Happy  

It is August 30th, and September will be here soon. For once in my life, I am not in a rush for anything. I am not in a rush for Fall, I am not in a rush for the school semester to start, and I am not in a rush to do anything.

This summer I have become very mindful and appreciative towards everything I have. I changed my mindset about life. I do not let myself complain, and I do not let myself think excessively or highly about the future. I think about the present, the moment I'm having right now. This is what has given me so much inner happiness and peace.

Photo from Pinterest.com

I do not care about all the "back to school" sales. I do not care about the pressure from society to go out and buy things. I do not need anything. Don't be led by society when you don't need to be!

School is school, it is not going anywhere. People keep asking me if am I excited for school and am I ready to move yet, and I keep giving the same answer. I am not thinking about school, an apartment, or anything. I am not thinking about it, and I am not worried about it. It will come when it comes.

Photo from Pinterest.com

Not worrying about the future, and not obsessing on the "next thing" will really give you so much peace. Of course in life, we have to have some planning and some thought of the future. Jobs, school, money, ideas, etc.

But really, what will be, will be. Don't sit and be in a rush all the time. Don't think that the "next thing" will be so "great" or that it is what you need to be happy. 

People are always ready to graduate, move out, get a new car, a new phone, a promotion, a new job, a new this, a new that. Then you get it finally, and then you'll think..... okay what's next?

Photo from Pinterest.com

Stop worrying about things, stop desiring things. Do not desire people, things, the future. You'll always be worrying, desiring, and wanting. You'll be drained, unsatisfied, and constantly unhappy searching....

Just soak up the moment, and make the best of your situation. Count the positives and the blessing in your situation. You're situation could always be worse.

Photo from Pinterest.com

Be thankful. Thankful for a your phone , tablet, computer, or laptop your using to read this post right now. Be thankful that you can SEE with your eyes. Some people can't use their eyes. Be thankful that you have water to drink, a place to stay in, the ability to move your fingers. Just count all the things you can do right now, and all of what you have right now. Don't sit and desire ANYTHING, when you have so much already to be happy about. If you do this everyday you will be SO HAPPY and excited about life. This is gratitude.

Photo from Pinterest.com

I used to see articles saying "How to Be Happy" , and practicing gratitude was always in the articles somewhere. In honesty, I did not think practicing gratitude would make me happy all of a sudden. But now, after naturally expressing it to myself and ignoring society, I have been living in high 

Photo from Pinterest.com

I have never felt so happy before, and I'm happy from within, not happy because of happenings around me. 

Photo from Pinterest.com

I highly encourage you to journal everyday and just write out your thoughts, and write out all the positives and things you are happy about (and thankful for). Truly be thankful, and be happy about it.

Photo from Pinterest.com

It could be as simple as, I am thankful for my family, because some people wish they had family around. Or, I am thankful for my ability to walk around and my health, because some people wish they could walk around and be as healthy as I am. 

Photo from Pinterest.com

You are living an incredible life, an INCREDIBLE life and many people wish they had it. For all the students going back to school this week and next week , be thankful. Don't say negative things about going back to school. Be THANKFUL.

Photo from Pinterest.com

Some people WISH they could be in school, getting an education, to be able to get good jobs. 

Some people wish they could go back in time and finish school studying something they truly love, instead of them dropping out of school or getting pregnant which stopped them from finishing school.

So, be thankful, and own what you have. Appreciate it, love it, enjoy it, make the most of it, and soak it all in. This is how you maintain your inner happiness and enjoy your life.

For tips on how to practice gratitude, or creating a gratitude journal, search "gratitude" on pinterest.com and enjoy! 

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Jireh De Jose

Fashion Designer, Writer, Fashion Blogger, Event Host, Guest Speaker, Christian, and Mission Worker

Meet Jireh ! A young woman who lives in her passions and purpose in her own unique way! Jireh stands OUT to stand UP for what she believes in for herself and for others! Check out how her individuality makes her a happy, successful, blessed, and graceful woman! 

JT: Fashion Meets God. This is such a unique name! How did you decide to make this the title of your blog and business?

JDJ: It all came from above! I remember when I was making the transition into a faith and fashion blog and I kept praying on what to name it. "fashion meets God" constantly came to my mind so I finally decided on it!

JT: What is Fashion Meets God all about? What makes your blog different from others?

JDJ: Fashion meets God is a hub for those who love fashion and the LORD. It's about expressing yourself through style, whatever that may be, but most importantly expressing love to the One who created us and finding our true identity in Him.

JT: You are passionate about fashion. How did you know when you found your true passion in fashion?

JDJ: I always sort of knew! I was the little girl who had her toy vanity set and would get dolled up in dresses and heels. As I grew older, the creative piece in putting together outfits and expressing myself through what I wore stuck throughout high school and college. Now, I am still that little girl that likes to play dress-up, but with a real, adult-size vanity!

JT: What advice would you give girls and women about discovering their true passion?

JDJ: I'd say if you can't stop thinking about it and there's a passionate drive and mission behind it, then go for it and go all in. There's a reason why your heart beats faster and you're constantly thinking about it. God engraved that into you and He wants to see you pursue it so you can accomplish all that you are to in this lifetime.

JT: You are a successful fashion designer. What tips do you have for girls and women who also wish to become a fashion designer? What do you think they should know?

JDJ: 1) Don't get so caught up in what's trending and how you think your collection should fit into that mold. Don't be afraid to stand out and think outside the box. You never know, it may actually become a trend in the future and YOU started it! 2) Take inspiration from anywhere and anything. If you're drawn to it or you find something interesting, take it one step further and start sketching.

JT: You are an Event Host ! What is it like to host an event? What do you love about hosting?

JDJ: It is such a fun ordeal! It's great helping the atmosphere become exciting and fun for everyone. I love meeting and connecting with new people.

JT: Public speaking is something all girls and women will have to do at some point in their lives. How do you go into hosting confidently? What advice would you give about doing well in public speaking?

JDJ: Your first sentence was a statement in itself- women will have to do public speaking at some point in their lives, so, just go for it! Even until this day I still get butterflies and nervous before a speaking engagement because I want to make sure I'm communicating whatever it is well. The more and more you put yourself in a position to public speak, it boosts your confidence. You start to take inventory on how you can improve after each time and as long as you apply it, you actually DO get better. Then it becomes FUN.

JT: What is it like to be a guest speaker? What does being a guest speaker teach you?

JDJ: Just like event hosting, guest speaking is just as fun and exciting! It allows me to share my story, others' stories, and what I'm passionate about. It also reminds me to be grateful of the opportunities that I'm given, just like this interview for Mind and Moral Magazine!

JT: As a Christian , you go on mission trips. What is YOUR definition of a mission trip? What do mission trips mean to you?

JDJ: My definition of a missions trip is simple: sharing the Gospel and the love of Christ. Mission trips are all about the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and loving on people just as Jesus did when He was on Earth.

JT: What do mission trips teach and show you?

JDJ: Mission trips definitely give a different perspective on the value of life. No matter where the missions trip may be held, whether it's at a soup kitchen downtown or across the world in a third-world country, every single person was created by God. They are loved by Him so we should love on them too, no matter where they are and what they've been through.

JT: For girls and women who are thinking about getting into mission work, what insight would you give them?

JDJ: Pray, pray, and pray. Pray and dig down on why you want to go in the first place. Pray about where and how long you should serve. Pray that God gives you direction and guidance. Pray for the right supporters that will help financially. Pray that the people you come in contact with and cross paths with will be receptive and take the step to transform their lives. Pray that God's outcome will be done. At the end, it's not about us and what we do but how God uses us as a vessel for His Kingdom work.

JT: You held an event called "Faith Fashion Finance". How unique! Tell about this, what was it about?

JDJ: It was the first time I ever did an event like this! Besides being in the fashion industry, I am also in the finance industry. I wanted to create an event about all three things that I am passionate about and share my heart behind them: 1) sharing the love of God, 2) sharing that fashion can be a fun thing even for Christians yet we know outwardly looks can waste away but it's what's on the inside that counts, and 3) to help people on how to handle their finances and how to save properly for their future and their family while giving them the business opportunity of a lifetime. There are actually more verses in the Bible on money and wealth than any other topic. It's a pretty important subject, even in God's eyes!

JT: You were involved in Michigan Fashion Week! What was your experience like ? What did you do?

JDJ: I was one of the designers so after being accepted, for three months straight I was working on my collection from morning to night. I designed and produced a 15-piece haute couture collection myself (with the help of my mother!). The collection was called from "From Darkness to Light." There were MANY times I was frustrated and stressed, but I constantly reminded myself why I was doing it and that it would be worth it in the end. In September 2014, I saw the models walk down the runway wearing all the hard work from the past few months and it was so true- it was all worth it in the end.

JT: How would you describe the fashion industry inside of Michigan?

JDJ: It's a mix of so many different styles and that's why I love it. It is a fusion! When I lived in Michigan, I attended many fashion events where the community worked together to revive the fashion industry in Detroit and getting the city back on the map as a fashion hot-spot of the world.

JT: In comparing the fashion industry in Michigan to the fashion industries in LA or New York, what is your outlook on the different areas?

JDJ: They are all different in their own way. In LA, it's even more of a mix of different styles because of the numerous different cultures. It is very fashion forward and trendy. New York is also fashion forward, but a little more reserved.

JT: Your YouTube channel documents your traveling experience! Where all have you traveled to?

JDJ: I have traveled to the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Canada, and across the U.S. I LOVE to travel and hope to go to new countries in the near future!

JT: What does traveling teach you? What do you love about it?

JDJ: Traveling teaches me to appreciate other cultures. I enjoy learning about other countries and their traditions (and of course their fashion style). It keeps me open-minded about the world on how vast and how much of a melting pot it really is!

JT: Traveling can show people new places, new people, new cultures, and new scenery. How does traveling impact you and your life overall?

JDJ: Like I mentioned, traveling doesn't keep me contained and comfortable in my own box but I get to experience different and exciting things from food, places, people, and fashion. Traveling, I believe, is healthy for a person!

JT: How would you describe the feeling of being a Christian, and having God in your life?

JDJ: Having God in my life is SO wonderful because no matter what happens and whatever season I'm in, He is there to help, guide, redirect, and love me along the way. It's NOT easy and to say Christians live a perfect life is a complete lie, but God's grace never diminishes.

JT: What advice do you have for girls and women who want to grow more in becoming a better Christian, or becoming a Christian?

JDJ: Immerse yourself in the Word and other Christian and Bible-based resources like podcasts, music, messages from different pastors, and have an accountability partner. Pray without ceasing. Stay in constant communication with Him no matter what. Be in a position where you desire and crave Him every day.

JT: What inspires you? How do you stay inspired and motivated?

JDJ: My passions and my goals inspire me to keep pushing and stay motivated. The passions are the fuel to hit the goals I've set for my future and how I would like to live the life I want to live.

JT: Outside of fashion, blogging, mission work, and business what do you enjoy doing?

JDJ: I love hanging out with my family and friends!

JT: How do you create your own happiness, and live your life indulging in your own joy?

JDJ: I simply just do what I love! Whether that's fashion and blogging or just being surrounded by loving people like my friends or family.

JT: If you were to describe your purpose in life, how would you describe it?

JDJ: My purpose in life is to share all my passions and missions to those around me. To love on others and put them first. To live the life God wants me to live!

JT: What words of encouragement and inspiration would you like to share with girls and women all around the world, about loving themselves, living their dreams, achieving goals, and creating the life the life they truly want to have?

JDJ: If you can believe it, you can achieve it! Believe that you can do it and you're halfway there. God loves you and sees you as more valuable and precious than any diamond, so rest in that fact. The road to actually achieving and having all that you want in life will not be easy and many times you will probably want to quit. But don't give up! Keep pressing on because it will be worth it in the end.

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Letter From the Editor These past 2 weeks have been absolutely crazy for me! I just started my senior year of school, and moved into my n...